come on in.....

come on in.....

1925 Craftsman Cottage

1925 Craftsman Cottage

1947 Artist Cottage

1947 Artist Cottage

Friday, January 2, 2015

lawn? vernal pool

are the fill-ins done by nature? or by humans? i notice bare patches in my lawn's at home in the late winter in Northern California's Sonoma County.... but my lawn is not really a lawn... it is native vernal vegetation that i mow and call lawn...My Property is part of the Laguna de Santa Rosa (for more info ck out the web site and now, after my 2 year working retreat experience on my late father's New Stone Age Farm in Southern California's San Bernardino County, where the soil, weather and vegetation is quite different than in Sonoma County....i will continue to leave the 'lawn' natural and note what species are growing ....

Thursday, January 1, 2015

A fresh new beginning....

Greetings All!!!!

Since the moving of the NSA Farm to Northern California 
there have been wonderful moments as well as moments 
that left my heart broken and almost my Spirit too! 

I have long been pondering about 'how' and 'if' i should 
continue this Blog....  should i start a new one? or????

I'm feeling like doing something!!!!
....even if it is not the "right thing" ....

I'm picking up from the present.. here on January 1st 2015... 
at the Northern Extention of the 'NSA Farm' Art, Gardens 
& Healing Center @ Park Hearn....

( a few pics of the gardens will go here when i can get 
                                 this program to cooperate with me... Gurr!)

I'll pick up from last night....December 31st 2014....

A fellow Gardener girlfriend and I have been getting together on Wed nights 
for quite some time now to exchange healings..
readings and all around support....

last night... as we were sharing what we were tired of holding onto 
in our lives ...we decided to write them all down ...and burn them....
send them packing with the past year!  

We are ready for a fresh new start for 2015 .....

As we were writing and sharing the old worn out stuff in our lives... 

we discovered that creating a list of what we would like to create 
for the coming year seemed like a great supportive idea!!! 
not resolutions... but... what we would like to create in our lives...
And this list ...instead of burning these new creations ... 
we will be planting them in our gardens... grow into our new lives.... 

Our topics ranged from optimum health..... to Creating more 
"get-to's" as we let go of the "have-to's" weighing us down.... 
nurture supportive/creative interactions & friendships.... 
experience more Joy in our lives....

This all led to the discovery that there were creations we've brought into 
being this past year we want to keep growing in our lives.... 
These will also be planted in our gardens for further growth.
interestingly... without planning it... we were burning 
our lists at almost 12 midnight!  

The moon was still small but she was bright... 
the sky was clear and crisp and the stars were bright... 
it was easy to pick out both the "Dippers"... 
i felt full and grateful... as the frosty air bathed me....

It is my sincerist wish for all of you out there to have 
the best this new year has....
and I look forward to creating supportive..inspiring.. & creative 
interactions with all of you who wish to keep the torch 
burning bright for Truth.. Integrity.. Ethics.. Delight in all 
of nature & Amazing Adventures together!!!

With deepest love and gratitude... the Season Blossoms into
a New Year of Magical Beauty...
Keep having fun!!
Hugs, Rena

Monday, February 7, 2011

43 YEARS LATER......

Well, it's 43 years later.... and the property painstakingly developed by John B. Radich has changing hands......

A brand new family is now in residence..... ready to create there own Fontana Farm to support there family.

wishing you all the
       Happiness, Joy, and Success in you new and exciting life ahead.......
              "Peace Be with you!"
                          John B. Radich            

Thursday, January 6, 2011


We're moving the Farm!
                                   It's on the move!
The New Stone Age Farm is consolidating its efforts to its two newer Northern California extensions in Santa Rosa. These have been in development buy John's daughters (me and my sis GP) for 16.5 years as “Park Hearn Art and Gardens” & 14 years as “Cape Cottage on Victoria Drive” respectively.

40+ years of Family Treasures...the Plants...the Experiences....The Memories...All the good times had ….

This place has been a place of peace, self exploration, a soft place to land….where nature is explored……a supportive environment to learn and grow….a home, a retreat, a place of refuge where many have come and gone over the years…. some stayed longer than others…some created, some gardened, and to some it was a place to get back on their feet….many came to visit, and many wanted to visit but never did….

All this has brought each and every one of us it has touched to this very moment….let us all accept it with open Arms & Hearts, moving forward with gusto and going forth in Joy, Peace & Love!!!

As Dad would say: “Peace be With You!” John B. Radich

Wednesday, December 29, 2010


Happy Birthday Farmer John!                             Today would be your 82nd Birthday….

It sure has been different here on the NSAFarm without you …Let me tell you what’s happening just now….All the narcissus are blooming like mad!...The new flush of cool weather ground covers have taken over and are creating a green carpet with many small colorful blossoms…. The Occalass bloom in pink and Yellow, Violets are a sweet purple, the Nasturtium a sweet bright green,
many different Wandering Jews, Mint, Plectranthus, the prickly Nettles in back with the Horehound all grey green in its clumps that are here and there out back & in the way back... The Iris are standing at attention everywhere with their leaf spathes pointing to the sky preparing for their spring bloom bonanza…. giant Crocosmia, Crinums,


And Naked Ladies are all are pushing up there varied greens of all different leaf structures & textures that precede their blooms….and the tropical Guavas are nothing short of prolific as was theSapote!

Had an amazing flush on the Cemetery Rose south-east of the Sapote with the Barrel Cactus and crown of thorns…. Snail vine is all thick and green with new flowers coming on…. and the exquisitely wonderful one-of-a-kind seedling grapefruit is full of ripening fruit…. all the Oranges, Tangerines, and misc Citrus are turning from an inconspicuous green to lovely sunny oranges and should be ready to enjoy soon!… The kitchen house pond avocado orchard is in full swing with the Baba-Cado seedlings with the Pinkerton's down to just a few fruit left…

the Limes are waning but still offer the perfect amount for the kitchen’s use… the Montclair-clothesline Meyer Lemon is coming on full blast bright yellow with tons of fruit!.... the asparagus fern is taking over the clothesline-bamboo fence with its happy little, almost heart shaped leaves & it’s covering almost the entire porcelain throne garden as well!..

Everything in this garden is happy with the 17+ inches of rain the last storm system droped as it passed through last week…. It’s a wonderful thing when Mother Nature waters, she doesen’t miss a single inch of the property….WOW!

A particularly green and happy NSAFarm this Birthday Dad~

Our wish this year is that your love, light & blessings continue to shine in the hearts and minds of all that you touched this life…..We all miss and love you and thank-you for all the joy, kindness, and love you have brought to us....

Zbogum Dad!

Thursday, December 2, 2010

Botanist Oscar Clarke describes the plant collection at the NSA Farm....

This 33000 sq. ft. Property's Mature Botanic Gardens are something to see!
An Enjoyable and Extraordinary Collection full of Rare and Unusual plants gathered from
all over the World during the past 40 years, includes Eatables, Medicinals, Ornamentals
and more than 200 fruiting Trees and Vines.
Many, now towering, are simply spectacular, and provide a one-of-a-kind, Lush and refreshing, tropical Environment that only mature plants can offer. The Tree canopies,
plus two hand-built Native-Stone, Koi ponds, serve as host to many local Migratory
Birds and Butterflies, Dragonflies, Ladybugs and the highly important pollinator, the
Honey Bee.
With a fully Automated Watering System, the Apples, Figs, Avocados, Peaches,
Loquats, Citrus, Mulberries, Grapes, Guavas, Feijoa (pineapple guava), Walnuts,
Bananas, Apricots, Plums, Nectarines, Jujubes (Chinese date), Pomegranates, Tree
Spinach (Chaya), Tapiocia Tree - Manihot palmata (related to cassava, the source of tapioca),
WhiteSapote, Mimosas, Boysenberries, Raspberries, Bay, Passion Fruit, Mint, Lavender,
various Aloes and Cacti are just a few of the plants that populate this distinctive
Botanical Collection.
In my opinion, this property is Delightfully Unique, put together with an eye for the
exotic and unusual. Its significant plant diversity and usability, is the result of many years
of painstaking labor and care, making it an important, and quite valuable Botanical
Collection, to whoever decides to purchase it.

Oscar F. Clarke
Retired UC Riverside Herbarium Curator/Creator and Author of: “Flora of the Santa Ana River and Environs, with References to World

Thursday, November 25, 2010


Happy Thanksgiving!

Want to share a few pictures of some of the late blooming ginger in the front yard meadow....they have been finished for a few weeks now but with the magic of pictures i can bring them to you today...This day of thanks for all we have..... May the love in your heart's spread out to all the world!!!!

Peace, Rena at the NSA Farm